On "Tampopo" (1985)

August 2022

A Case Study of Indianapolis' Red Line

March 2022

Algorithms Are Convenient--but What Are We Giving Up?

January 2022

Why should we move to find Countries and climates of another kind? What exile leaves himself behind? —Horace Today that line may well read, “what exile…

December 2021

A Toast to Hitch, Ten Years On
On Werner Herzog's "Signs of Life" (1968)

November 2021

Most people, even otherwise smart and successful people, don’t really know how to read. Words, for them, can interact with existing frames in their…

September 2021

After an aborted attempt at reading a listless novel, I picked up something which was sure to make my spine tingle: Vladimir Nabokov’s Invitation to a…

April 2021

Nourishment in the Age of Content

October 2020

Radical Thinking à la Carte

July 2020

Musicians, especially flutists, are ridiculous. The field is populated by garden-variety village idiots, and the profession is largely a closed circle…