The Pedestrian is a journal of my insomniac musings on art and society.

I have written about urbanism, the importance of bookstores, screen junkies, Nabokov’s anxiety of influence, and so on. The only common thread running through my topics is the fact that I am intrigued by them—if that sounds interesting to you, consider signing up.

I am a slow writer and publish sporadically—biweeklyish, if all goes to plan—so I will not be launching a hostile takeover of your inbox anytime soon.

Who am I, you ask?

My name is Sridhar. I play the flute, and I am especially interested in 17th & 18th century music. I also co-host Impolite to Listen, a podcast of casual conversations on classical music. I enjoy reading, going on walks, making crossword puzzles, and cooking.

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Insomniac musings on art and society


Sridhar Bhagavathula
Flute player & co-host of the Impolite to Listen podcast